MidwestRoots was started in Chicago, but now we are based in Portland, ME, Athens, GA, and Brooklyn, NY. We sell and support small batch, artisan products from producers across the country. 


Our Story

MidwestRoots was started in 2010, but the idea took root in 2008 when Kyle Schott, owner and founder, started volunteering with Chicago’s Green City Market.  Here, she learned that all eggs do not taste alike, that there is nothing more exciting than the first asparagus of spring, and that many of the farmers she was meeting were overextended with the demands of running a small business. She also saw that customers wanted the products they purchased at the farmers market to be more readily available. Kyle saw an opportunity to connect great farms and artisans with an expanded customer base, increasing sales while providing excellent customer service and lightening the load for producers.

To this day, MidwestRoots still embodies Kyle's passion for artisan food while supporting amazing companies along the way. We’ve worked with over 20 different companies, helping to build their brands and businesses all the while connecting them with a deep network of retailers across the country.

Our Team

  Kyle   Owner & Founder

Owner & Founder

Kyle grew up in Cincinnati with a father who worked for a local brewery. She moved to Chicago to work for McDonald’s Corp, and worked on initiatives to support the company’s environmental and corporate responsibility commitments. After McDonald’s she worked at a sustainability consultancy before leaving to take on MidwestRoots as a full time endeavor.  She is passionate about building an economy of independently owned sustainable businesses, and running a company that promotes flexibility and quality of life.  She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she loves walking the aisles of her local grocery stores, learning about the city’s history and teaching Pilates.

  Susanna   Managing Director    Portland, Maine

Managing Director

Portland, Maine

Susanna is a New Englander at heart with some Midwest roots. She grew up in Vermont where she was spoiled by the easy access to local produce, plentiful farmers markets, and outstanding artisan cheese. She studied anthropology at Beloit College in Wisconsin and learned to love cheese curds (even the orange ones!). In 2010, Susanna moved to Chicago and joined the MidwestRoots team as Kyle’s first employee. In fall 2011, Susanna returned back to the East Coast to attend graduate school at Emerson College, but stayed involved in MidwestRoots as an artisan food demonstrator in the greater Boston area, as well as a member of MidwestRoots’ Advisory Board. Susanna returned to Chicago in 2013 and rejoined the MidwestRoots staff as Accounts Manager. In 2014 she transitioned to the role of Managing Director. Susanna currently lives in Portland, ME, heading up the MidwestRoots East office. 

  FRITZ   Accounts manager    Chicago, Illinois

Accounts manager

Chicago, Illinois

Fritz is a Georgia boy who spent enough time in the Midwest to lose his accent. The son of a horticulturalist and an anthropologist, he’s always had an affinity for the people who grow and create things. After years of working in the rock clubs of Athens, GA, he moved to Vermont to attend the New England Culinary Institute with an eye towards working in specialty food retail. A move to Chicago led to stints as a cheesemonger and retail manager at the Marion Street Cheese Market and Eataly Chicago. Fritz joined in the MidwestRoots team in April 2015 as Accounts Manager. He recently relocated back to Athens, GA. 

  Britt         Sales + Demos    Brooklyn, n ew York  

Britt     Sales + Demos

Brooklyn, new York

Britt is a California native living in Brooklyn, NY. With a background in design, and a life long appreciation for food, Britt found the transition from fashion to the food industry wonderful and inevitable. Enjoying the amazing array of food industry happenings in New York City, Britt has worked in food production and food retail, consumed as much artisan chocolate as she produced, and started listening to podcasts about cheese. She strongly believes in the MidwestRoots mission to connect consumers to the people making their food.

Our Farmers Market & Demo Staffers



Megan grew up in Chicago, and loves food accordingly. After being introduced to Julia Child and M.F.K. Fisher, she became interested in the way food and stories are intertwined. After graduating from the University of Illinois, she worked on the campus' Sustainable Student Farm and found that she loved bringing people closer to their food and helping them create their own stories around food. Her favorite thing about introducing people to new products is creating connections between the makers of those products and their customers.








Kristen is a Chicago native. She earned a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University and a M.A. in Urban Environmental Leadership from Lesley University.  She uses these skills to coordinate a volunteer program that supports community-based sustainability service projects.  She's served as a consultant for several small farming communities in western Ireland, helping them develop local tourism resources that complement their natural and heritage resources and way of life.  In her free time, she’s working her way through the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving and raising strawberries and asparagus in her little backyard. She’s most interested in human interactions with the environment – like the food we eat and where it comes from!  She’s proud to share the stories of MidwestRoots’ clients with the public to help customers become more connected to their food.


Abbey is originally from a small town in Ohio where everybody knows your name (and where your food comes from!) and has lived in Chicago for 8 years. By day she runs user support at a local tech startup and by night she practices yoga, meditation, and her ukulele. She has an M.A. in Women's & Gender Studies from DePaul University and a B.A. in Political Science & Philosophy at John Carroll University. She became interested in food (and the politics surrounding it) in her freshman year of college after reading Fast Food Nation and being disturbed by the lack of education & connection most people feel about the food they consume. She fervently believes in the mission of MidwestRoots to connect people to their food & to each other.


Maddie is a Chicago native and general culinary enthusiast with a deep love of Indian cuisine and a perfect slice of pie. For the past 10 years, she has been navigating her way through the food world, tackling everything from cheese mongering, to professional baking, blogging, managing restaurants, and even working as a personal chef. In her spare time, she can be found going for long walks around the city, listening to music, and rearranging her apartment for the 107th time.