Our producers are located throughout the country and their products run the spectrum of savory to sweet.

At MidwestRoots, we choose our producers carefully. We seek out those artisans who have a product, packaging, and a story that we love, and who resonate with our consumer base. We keep our lineup small and highly curated in order to serve as a trusted resource, connecting our stores with the best artisan producers from across the country.

Read on for more about each one of our producers! See a product or producer that you'd like to learn more about? Get in touch with us at hello@mwroots.com


Small batch preserves and condiments made in Petoskey, Michigan

American Spoon

American Spoon was founded in 1982. It seemed like the obvious next step for Justin Rashid, a forager of wild berries, nuts, and mushrooms, and Larry Forgione, a New York chef considered the "godfather of American cuisine," when they found themselves with an abundance of raw ingredients. 

Justin aimed, simply, to preserve the bounty of the farms and woodlands of Northern Michigan, giving center stage to the fruits and vegetables. From the beginning, he employed tried and true methods, slowly simmering preserves, jams, and jellies in copper pots (celebrated because they do not scald the fruit!) and worked closely with farmers to preserve heirloom and forgotten varietals, long predating the now seemingly commonplace efforts of today's artisan food movement.

It didn't take long for folks to take note. Just five years after he began, American Spoon's Early Glow Strawberry Preserves wooed a tasting panel, beating out more than 50 strawberry jams from all over the world. One secret to success? Far higher fruit content, as compared to sugar, than most jams in the marketplace. 

To this day, American Spoon is still thriving as a family owned and operated business in Petoskey, Michigan, employing over 50 folks from the local community. At any given time, one will find half a dozen copper pots bubbling away, transforming fruits, veggies, and foraged delights into a delicious assortment of condiments and preserves that are perfect to pair with meats and cheeses, incorporate into a favorite dish, or simply to eat with a spoon.



organic, handmade crackers baked fresh to order in Madison, wisconsin

Potter's Crackers

Our first producer!

The need for a great cracker to pair alongside the wealth of Wisconsin cheese spurred the founding of Potter's Crackers by the mother-son team of Nancy Potter and Peter Weber in 2006. 

The two make a great team, with Nancy bringing decades of baking experience, having owned and operated the New Glarus Bakery for 25 years, and Peter, working at the bakery and subsequently pursuing a degree in food science from the University of Wisconsin. 

Today, Potter's Crackers are still baked by hand in a downtown kitchen in Madison, Wisconsin. Nancy and her team source as many organic local ingredients as possible using locally milled flours and butter from nearby dairy farms. Their offerings of cracker and crisp flavors vary somewhat as dictated by the availability of ingredients local to their respective regions. 



fresh to order, handmade candies from downtown chicago!

Whimsical Candy

Candymaker Chris found her passion early in life when, at the age of three, she packed her suitcase and tried to move to a candy shop. Now a classically trained pastry chef, Chris makes small batch sweets that blend a grown-up taste for quality with the fun and classic flavors of childhood. Who says artisanal candy has to be serious?

Whimsical Candy is made by hand in downtown Chicago in a building in the Loop that once housed a multistory confectionary company. While the "sugar chutes" between floors are no longer functioning, there's lots of sweetness still emanating from the building!

La Dee Dahs Candy Bars are her signature treat: white chocolate nougat with sea salty caramel, dipped in dark chocolate. 



Nourishing soap from a mother daughter team in california

Chivas Skin Care

Ever wonder why your bar of soap turns hard and cracks down the middle? This is because most commercial soap is made with large amounts of water, in addition to chemical fragrances and preservatives.

Chivas Skin Care's soap, on the other (soft & smooth!) hand, is made using fresh goats' milk which is moisturizing, luxurious, and great for sensitive skin.

Mother-daughter team Donna and Lauren are the dynamic duo behind the brand. They raise French Alpine goats on a family farm in Southern California. They milk the goats twice a day and use the fresh milk (not powdered or canned) – along with essential oils and fair trade shea butter – to handcraft some of the best soap we’ve ever used. 

In addition to bar soaps, Chivas also offers a comprehensive skin care line ranging from facial lotion to vegan lip balm -- all beautifully packaged.




Sustainable & beautiful food storage from vermont

Bee's Wrap

Bee’s Wrap, based in Vermont, crafts beautifully packaged, sustainable food storage wraps. Founder Sarah Kaeck grew tired of using plastic wrap to store beautiful veggies from her garden. Why put so much love and care into the process of growing food, only to store it in single-use, disposable plastic? 

These sweet smelling, beeswax-dipped, organic cotton cloths are perfect for storing cheese, bread, and produce, or for covering a jar or casserole dish.

The warmth from your hands allows the cloths to mold to the shape of your object, creating an air tight seal. Not only do they serve as an alternative to plastic wrap, but they are washable and reusable. 

Bee's Wrap has a range of product shapes and sizes, tailored to a whole host of food-wrapping needs, be it a freshly cut half avocado, a crusty loaf of bread, or a sandwich packed for lunch.



estate grown, certified organic olive oil from California's central valley

ENZO Olive Oil Company

It all began in 1914 when Vincenzo Ricchiuti made the voyage from Italy to California’s San Joaquin Valley. He planted the seeds of what is today a 4th generation family farm renowned for its almonds, fruits, and, more recently, olives.

Enzo Olive Oil is 100% estate grown, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil. Everything - from tenderly nurturing trees to harvesting to milling to bottling - is done on site under the direction of Patrick (the 3rd generation) and Vincent Ricchiuti (the 4th generation!).

Their Delicate, Medium, and Bold oils are each made from a single olive variety. They also offer delicious infused oils (Meyer Lemon and Garlic) as well as two crush varietals (Basil and Clementine). To pair with their olive oil, ENZO has wholesales three organic balsamic vinegars as well as pestos. 

We're not the only folks gaga for Enzo Olive Oil! The Ricchiuti Family's olive oils have caught the attention of judges at the Good Food Awards, the New York International Olive Oil Competition, and the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition, to name a few.


7th generation all-natural salt harvested by hand

J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

Siblings Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne teamed up in 2013 to revive their family's salt-works business in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia. As 7th generation descendants of the founder, they tap the same ancient spring trapped below the Appalachian Mountains for brine that their ancestors originally sourced in the 1800's. 

J.Q Dickinson Salt-Works is special not only because of the intense history and the family lineage behind it, but also for the simple yet complex process that their finishing salt goes through to get to your table. The brine is pumped from a well into custom made beds where it rests - letting natural sunlight heat and evaporate the water, leaving behind white salt crystals which are then harvested - and packaged - by hand. The process - from production to packaging - utilizes no automation, yielding a superior product birthed from the time, passion and energy exerted to create it. 

In addition to their all natural process, J.Q. Dickinson’s mission is to build a more sustainable economy and community by working with local contractors and artists to keep the process as local as possible. So when you invest in a J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works product, you are not only getting to share a creation from the J.Q Dickinson family to your own, but you are also declaring your belief in a better system.