While we are so proud of the companies we represent, we are equally excited about the incredible accounts we work with across the country who continually inspire our team. 

MidwestRoots would not be able to grow our producers' sales without the support and knowledge of the top-notch retailers and purveyors we work with from coast to coast. We aim to streamline the vendor relationship for our purveyors by acting as a single point of contact for our great line-up of products. We're here to take orders, ensure a smooth relationship, troubleshoot when necessary, and answer questions on behalf of our producers in an efficient and timely manner. 

We believe that our producers are crafting some of the best stuff out there in today’s artisan food world. In handing off the sales component of their businesses to us, they can focus on what they love to do – make incredible confections, crackers, preserves, and more. While we know there’s something so satisfying about chatting with a maker about his or her product (we get giddy too!), our producers can’t be all places at once. Our goal is to relay information and news to their stores, sell their products with a genuine, authentic tone and to act as a proxy.

"Thanks as always for the fabulous service. This is what sets you apart from those big distributors. You really represent each of your clients like they are your own business. You are like a Match.com for purveyors and retailers!"

- Anne Pazier, Santa Barbara Gift Baskets


We encourage you to spend some time perusing our Client page to learn more about each our our clients' products and stories.

If you're interested in receiving additional wholesale information, or have general questions concerning any or all of our clients, we'd love to hear from you! 

Drop us a line at hello@mwroots.com

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